I Can’t Explain It

The cease of twilight, your eyes shuttered, your warmth a blanket of water. A duality of one, in a world of shoes, we are bound like apples to pie. Your scent liberates, your taste intoxicates, your touch frozen in time. Your flaws a perfection, the revelation of flight, the tulip in a class of roses.…Read more »

For a friend who left the closet

Hello mother, I must confess; I’ve been living a life of lies. You and I are not the same; my words your test of sorrow. We travel different roads to home; my path is full of thorns. But at day’s end, you shall see, you’re still my air and water. Under pride anger weeps, a…Read more »

The Stan unrhymed

 The morning sun chases night away, the valley framed in red. The mountains bow before the sky, their heads are crowned in shadow. Their wisdom withheld from parched lands, their tears of flowing waters. The band of brothers, their father’s pride, await the chieftains judgment.  He ponders, waits and gnashes teeth, his eyes the storm…Read more »

The Convoy

In a dusty land, far from my heart, I lie in prayer, thankful, for the dark.  On a clock of 24, it’s 4, 3, and 8; I hear the sounds of voices, of metal, of debate.  Of coffee black, of milk and eggs, the taste of bitter, the smell of lead.   The breakfast talk…Read more »

Joan of Arc

He sits upon the far side of the river shining blue; it’s the day of battle, and hope, when the English meet their doom. The sweat upon his furrowed brow stings like a fly. The smell of a thousand unwashed men, of dirty horses, and lye. His courage begins to slip away, the October wind…Read more »


Of Algebra and Geometry, I fail at X and Y, of Calculus and Trigonometry, the curve is topsy-turvy.  These numbers and that alphabet, a language inconceivable. Coming to class I do regret, the answers unachievable  I search both high and low for where beta lies, it might under Ceva’s Theorem, near the Law of Sines. …Read more »


I lie awake in failing light the storm feeds my pain. The whiskey bottle becomes half gone, the bittersweet taste of grain.   The lies that came from me, they crushed and burned my best friend. Sorry and please don’t mean a thing, She will never see me again. Temptation, lust and jealousy, we cut…Read more »