A Fathers Day Poem

My son today you are a man, of life we will speak. The lord above looks out for you, stay humble, strong, and meek.

Listen well and understand, in life, I didn’t plan. Of luck and lady destiny, prayers and parchment made a man.

For worshiping the god of gold, you’ll pay a heavy price. He whispers lies of deadly games, a fools paradise.

Of calluses and finished plans, of working man’s prideful hands, these things you must adore, because laziness and envy will run up the score. 

For country, friends and family, your loyalty is bright, for honor, truth and dignity, for those you must fight.  

Keep love and hate in equality, undoing the balance will matter; it leads to pain and envy, a life of glass that’s shattered.

You must heed a tale of women, wine, and jealousy. They’re a deathly trio, o’ my son if mixed all 3.

 Well my son the night arrives, I’ve had a good run. I go forth with no regrets, in the game of life I’ve won.

A life of laughs, a firm handshake, I trust you’ll do what’s right.

Farewell my son; you lead them home, I bid you goodnight!



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