Of Algebra and Geometry, I fail at X and Y, of Calculus and Trigonometry, the curve is topsy-turvy. 

These numbers and that alphabet, a language inconceivable. Coming to class I do regret, the answers unachievable 

I search both high and low for where beta lies, it might under Ceva’s Theorem, near the Law of Sines. 

Of lines and slopes and areas, they give me a fright, my classmate turns to look at me, I know, I’m wrong, you’re right. 

Finals await, my freedom at stake, my stomach in butterflies, I fear the day, I laugh and pray, I live a truthful lie.  

The day is here, my confidence is rife. I walk away, the test I slayed, an 89 is bright,

 The moral of the story is, you study hard at night, cause once you taste a piece of pi, the answers come to light.

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