I lie awake in failing light the storm feeds my pain. The whiskey bottle becomes half gone, the bittersweet taste of grain.  

The lies that came from me, they crushed and burned my best friend. Sorry and please don’t mean a thing, She will never see me again.

Temptation, lust and jealousy, we cut you like a knife. I sit alone, a broken man, who’s lost everything but life.  

90 days has come and gone, it’s been a long 10 years. You sit aglow with newfound love; it burns my soul with tears. 

He stands so tall and strong in winds, his steady hand on yours. Your smile a beauty, a dream, a song, how could I’ve be so wrong. 

I laugh, I sing, I play and pray, I threw my soul away. The spring of life has come and gone, eternal winter’s my fate.   

My words and lies return to me, I still reach for you night. Forever I am punished; my hopes and dreams have taken flight.

My beloved friends and family beg for me to stay strong, the secret I keep from them, for the end of days I long.

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