I Can’t Explain It

The cease of twilight, your eyes shuttered, your warmth a blanket of water.

A duality of one, in a world of shoes, we are bound like apples to pie.

Your scent liberates, your taste intoxicates, your touch frozen in time.

Your flaws a perfection, the revelation of flight, the tulip in a class of roses.

Emotions unwind, forever changing, a book of wax and matches.

Of fire, and water, of ice and flame, my heart a hurricane untamed. It weeps with fury, a cry unheard, a force of nature unbound.

Neither oceans, nor roads, or deserts or gold will keep your hand from mine. Your call is my beacon, a mirror of sand, our clock unwinds in time.

The infinity of us, understood by none, our connection a ribbon unbreakable. Our journey a mystery, a nightingale’s cry, our destinies forever entwined.


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