A New Life

Part I (Past)

Born of icy cold and rainy climes, she held my soul in bloody jagged chains

Her heartless touch, her dying kiss, my life in broken frames


Her wandering eye could not be tamed, it settled on another

In his arms, in happiness, she found her true lover


I dug myself a shallow grave, the end of my earned misery

For dust and dirt a welcome fate, for I am her unwanted history


PART II (Present)

In a distant land, in morning’s light, you walked into my life

A force of nature, a bridge of iron, your beacon shatters night


A subtle wisp, your fleeting touch, my past becomes a misty haze

Hand in hand you guided me through the deadly delightful maze


For in the darkness of my memory my love was unrequited

For in your eyes and loving heart I found redamancy permitted





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